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Best egg slicer?

Do any of you have one that you love? I remember my mother's plain stainless steel egg slicer doing a great job, but the one I just bought for $13 at Bed Bath and Beyond is turning my poor egg into crumbles. Surprisingly, the Oxo brand slicer seems to have poor ratings as well. Any recommendations?

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BavarianCook added about 2 years ago

I'm on my third one. The first one was steel and from Germany (brand was Westmark) and lasted for 15+ years. The second one from Sur La Table lasted just a few months, and now I am using an Oxo, which seems to be holding up ok. It's in use daily. I would just advise to wash it by hand (vs dishwasher) and not use it for anything but eggs, tempting as it might be at times.

BavarianCook added about 2 years ago

Adding on: I just checked amazon.com and they actually carry the Westmark egg slicer now! It is $17something and comes with a 5 yr warranty. That will be my next one!

Cookie16 added about 2 years ago

I will look for that now. Thanks :)

PhillipBrandon added about 2 years ago

A good knife? That's what I generally use. Does egg slicing come up often enough to merit its own tool?

Cookie16 added about 2 years ago

We're on a hard-boiled egg binge in this house. But it's like to have a nice one, yes. Usually I don't like a tool that isn't multipurposed but an egg slicer, I must have! And really it is a multipurpose tool if you want it to be... you can slice strawberries with it, mushrooms... But really, I just hate the way the white and especially the yolk always sticks to my knife when slicing.

susan g added about 2 years ago

I have one from Good Cook, sold in supermarkets and inexpensive. It works without any negatives, for 10 years or so, though not frequently.

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