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Tips on banana slices in pancakes

Is there a good way to do this? While I like the idea of roasting bananas and mixing them into the batter, I really want to include slices as well for the variety of texture. Adding dollops of batter on top of the banana seems conceptually like a good Idea, but I've never had much success with it.
What I'd like to avoid is the bananas sticking to the pan, or falling out of the pancake.

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RachelS added almost 2 years ago

I've put pancake batter on a griddle, placed banana slices on the pancakes, and then drizzled on a little more batter over the slices with pretty good success. I'll admit, though, I really dig the concept of caramelized (or roasted) bananas in pancakes in addition to (or instead of) the fresh slices.

RachelS added almost 2 years ago

Forgot to add: drizzling a little batter over the banana slices helps hold them in the pancake and creates a slight barrier between the slices and the pan when you flip them (but leaving a little banana exposed means you get some caramelization, mmm)

testkitchenette added almost 2 years ago

I second what Rachel S says. I also have blended the banana right into the pancake batter with success also.

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