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Onion storage

What is the best way to store whole onions?

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Sam1148 added about 2 years ago

One trick used to store valdalia onions for long periods of time is to put them in panty hose, tie a knot in them..and add the next onion. Then hang them in a dark closet (preferably one without clothing).
You snip off each onion as needed and the knot keep the next one from falling out.
My Grandmother used to do this but I don't for lack of panty hose.

ATG117 added about 2 years ago
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cool dark place and separate from potatoes. I've heard that potatoes can speed up the rate at which they rot. I keep mine in a basket in one of my cabinets that I have dedicated to onion storage.

SeaJambon added about 2 years ago

Sam and ATG - you've both nailed it! (as usual). :)

Sam1148 added about 2 years ago

I can see me going to store to buy panty hose. "I'm using these to store onions, no really, seriously..I mean...oh.."

cookbookchick added about 2 years ago

Sam -- I have lots of used-but-clean pantyhose I don't wear anymore now that I'm retired. Send me your address through Food52 messaging and I'll be happy to mail a few out to you!

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