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Can I make basil pesto and freeze it? Has anyone tried oregano or thyme pesto---or is it too cumbersome and strong?

what is the least amount of time that this step can be done? is over night mandatory? if so why? thanks!

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mrathmel added almost 2 years ago

I make & freeze pesto all the time. Put in ice cube trays, when frozen, store in freezer bag. I throw a "cube" or 2 in homemade soups (especially chicken) and stews. Yum!

LobsterBrieAvocadoBreath added almost 2 years ago

Thanks Mrathmel...I am not sure what happened here! I was looking for an answer to one of the recipes I am testing about pancake batter! I too do exactly the same as you with pesto in the freezer! :)

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