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I just find sweet potato too sweet. what can I add to them to fix this? I grew 2 bushels this year, and they are very healthy as well, so I need to figure something out.

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Ophelia added over 3 years ago

There's not really any way to make them less sweet, but you can tone it down by not adding to the sweetness. Try using them in partnership with other less sweet root vegetables in a gratin. They're also really wonderful in curry and in soup.

nancila added over 3 years ago

I love adding spices such as thyme or rosemary to sweet potatoes. Typically I chunk up the potatoes, and bake them with some olive oil, s+p, and rosemary. I like to crush the dried rosemary a bit with my fingers before sprinkling it around.

Table9 added over 3 years ago

I love using southwestern flavors (chili powder, cumin, paprika, etc.) to make the sweet potato dish less sweet.

stilltrying added over 3 years ago

these are such good ideas! and, I thought of a clever one all by myself! how about putting vegetarian mushroom gravy on them!

campagnes added over 3 years ago

I feel your pain.. I haaaaate sweet potatoes served in a sweetened dish. Like sweet potato casserole, either with the sugar/nut topping or with marshmallow topping.. (shudder).

One of my favorite sweet potato recipes is a Rachael Ray recipe: a sausage/sweet potato hash served with a fresh, simple salsa and fried eggs. I don't remember the exact name of the dish, but if you search the Food Network site for "Rachael Ray sweet potato hash," you'll find it. Love RR or hate her, but this is a great recipe.

Mr_Vittles added over 3 years ago

I just made some sweet potatoes last night, try laying down a piece of aluminum foil and placing potato on top douse in olive oil and large pinch of salt, wrap tightly in aluminum foil. Add to a 400 deg F oven for 45 minutes. Remove, split in half, and simply add salt and pepper. Not too sweet and delicious.

Kayb added over 3 years ago

I love to peel the sweet potatos, cut in chunks, and toss with olive oil, paprika and powdered ancho chile. I like the sweet, so I add a bit of sugar, but you could leave that out and even add some salt to up the savory quotient. Experiment with any number of spices -- let your taste buds be your guide!

stilltrying added over 3 years ago

ooh, I like the idea of chile powder. Thank you Mr Vittles, however that is what I typically do, and I just find the sweetness too cloying, so am trying to mask it further. oh, and didn't mean to click that I liked my own answer. sheesh

Mr_Vittles added over 3 years ago

I this may stretch out their shelf life, but maybe try a 50-50 mash? 50% potato- 50% sweet potato? This sounds like it would be pretty good at masking the sweetness, but you'll still be able to somewhat taste the sweet potato flavor.

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