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What to do with fresh porcini?

I bought some fresh porcini mushrooms, and I'm wondering what to do with them. I'm going to use some in a salad, but I don't want to use the rest in a pasta sauce. I'm thinking of wrapping them in proscuitto and grilling them. What are your thoughts on that? I'm open to other ideas, too. Thanks.

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HalfPint added almost 2 years ago

I would saute with a little bit of butter, minced shallots, and deglaze with a dry white and/or some chicken stock. Toss with farfalle or fusilli and topped with fresh parsley. I had a similar dish in Florence at my hotel.

mbergner added almost 2 years ago

Fresh Porcini RISOTTO - Wow where do you live?? I'm in the Midwest; been looking for fresh porcini forever especially after visiting Europe.

jocelyng added almost 2 years ago

I live in the Bay Area and found them in Berkeley. Not sure where they were grown, though.

Maedl added almost 2 years ago

Porcini are usually available in the late summer and fall--where did you find yours?

sexyLAMBCHOPx added almost 2 years ago

You could make some awesome stock.

jocelyng added almost 2 years ago

Most expensive stock ever!

WannabeBaker added almost 2 years ago

Saute them an throw them in a grilled cheese sandwich! They provide a wonderful meaty bite.


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added almost 2 years ago

I'm guessing the "porcini" are coming from Oregon. A different flavor than the ones you will taste in Italy. But I think the best way to handle them would be sauteed in oil or butter, seasoned with a good mushroom herb (thyme or rosemary) and served over polenta.

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