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When I cook wild rice it bursts & looks like a pan of worms. I've started it in cold H2O, boiling H2O, etc. & still end up w/same results!

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Susan Boyles added almost 2 years ago

Over-cooking may be the cause. Wild rice does retain a firmer texture than white or brown rice. Are you mixing it with another type of rice? If so, cook them separately and check the texture as you go, then mix together before serving. The wild rice will probably be done before the other rice. Good luck!

Once Upon A Feast added almost 2 years ago

I cook it alone according to the package directions...

sexyLAMBCHOPx added almost 2 years ago

Perhaps try lowering the heat to a low boil.

Robin_M added about 1 year ago

Wild rice bursts open when it is done. If it curls, it is overcooked.

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