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Question About Frozen Shrimp

Just defrosted a bag of cooked shrimp, appears to have a bit of freezer it OK to eat? Will it change the taste? The shrimp has been kept in a deep freezer so it never defrosted

asked by CandaceT almost 4 years ago
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added almost 4 years ago

Although I usually avoid cooked shrimp, I have had this happen too. Its hard to tell if it happened in your freezer or from mishandling at the grocer (freeze-thaw cycles). Anyway, the quality is not terribly impacted unless really burned. The fact that they are already "cooked" shrimp lessens the probability that there is a bacterial issue, just a slight quality issue. I would go ahead and use them. If the burn is real bad, and the shrimp are really discolored, I would skip it, a little burn is not an issue...