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Question About Frozen Shrimp

Just defrosted a bag of cooked shrimp, ugh..it appears to have a bit of freezer burn...is it OK to eat? Will it change the taste? The shrimp has been kept in a deep freezer so it never defrosted

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mbergner added almost 2 years ago

Although I usually avoid cooked shrimp, I have had this happen too. Its hard to tell if it happened in your freezer or from mishandling at the grocer (freeze-thaw cycles). Anyway, the quality is not terribly impacted unless really burned. The fact that they are already "cooked" shrimp lessens the probability that there is a bacterial issue, just a slight quality issue. I would go ahead and use them. If the burn is real bad, and the shrimp are really discolored, I would skip it, a little burn is not an issue...

ChefOno added almost 2 years ago
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Freezer burn is not a safety issue. Simply put, it's damage caused by the surface of the food drying out from exposure to dry freezer air which affects color, texture and flavor. Since the process happens at below freezing temperatures, bacteria growth is not a problem.


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added almost 2 years ago

....but the actual real world problem could be the source of the frozen shrimp. We get tons and tons of shrimp frozen from Asia; China, Thailand, Vietnam and even India. The USDA has now barred imports of seafood from S. Korea. The next time you are at Food4Less or Costco you might want to think about that.

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