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Gelatin Sheet/GelatinPowder Substitution

I am planning on making Nigella Lawson's Slut Red Raspberries in Chardonnay Jelly. The recipe calls for five gelatin sheets. Is there an equivalent amount of powdered gelatin that would work?

asked by Third Floor Kitchen almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

I usually follow David Lebovitz's suggestion of 1 packet of gelatin (1/4oz) is equivalent to 3.5 sheets. I have adjusted that depending on how much bloom (how stiff final product is) I want. I have also found that gelatin powder sets a tad more stiff than if I were using gelatin sheets. My personal rule of thumb is to use gelatin sheets when it involves dairy (mousse), and gelatin powder for everything else.

Hope this helps!

added almost 3 years ago

Believe it or not, you've asked a difficult question. First off, I'm not sure British sheets are the same as in the U.S., either by size, weight or setting power (I'm assuming you and the recipe are from opposite sides of the pond).

In any case, gelatin comes in different strengths so you're going to have to take a guess.

One packet (1/4 oz.) should set 2 cups of liquid firmly or softly set 3 cups of liquid.

added almost 3 years ago

Darlene and Chef Ono,

Thank you so much for your help. I'm going to try the recipe this week.

Have a great weekend!