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Simply the best blender and or juicer

Hello, I have appliance commitment issues, often an appliancez can't satisfy me. I've resisted culinary power tools with the asepticism of a chased monk but I'd really like to whiz and puree and whir like the rest of you...

So does anyone have suggestions of a blender and or vegetable juicer that can really perform for many years. In both I'm looking for something heavy duty blender which can be disassembled for repair and maintenance.

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a Whole Foods Market Customer added almost 2 years ago

My Vitamix is amazing. I haven't used my juicer since I bought it because it pulverizes the entire fruit or veggie and you don't waste the fiber. It's on the counter all the time and I use it daily for mixing up smoothies, blending a quick homemade salsa or even a gf pancake batter. It can even heat soup or make "ice cream" out of frozen fruit. Since I haven't splurged for the dry container yet I do still keep a small 2 cup Kitchen Aid food processor for grinding nuts, making Lara Bar type snacks, etc.

SKK added almost 2 years ago
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Vita-Mix without a doubt. And the dry container is wonderful.


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added almost 2 years ago

Yes, Vita-Mix for sure. But it will set you back about $500.


pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added almost 2 years ago

... and is somebody chasing monks for some reason?

ChefOno added almost 2 years ago

Yes, the ones that distill all that brandy...

susan g added almost 2 years ago

Let me observe that there are other choices than the Vitamix. I owned one, 1990's, and I hope they are more useful then than they are now. I'd rather have a good food processor, a good blender and a good immersion blender. Even though that is three space hogging appliances, each one has its own niche. The FP is the only one that gets full time counter space.
As for brands, there have been good discussions that you can find via the search box, top right, choosing Hotline rather than Recipes.

mama'mia added almost 2 years ago

The Ninja is very good and not as expensive as the Vitamix.

ChrisBird added almost 2 years ago

We bought a blendtech and are delighted with it. Less expensive than the vita mix. Outstanding workhorse. Do make sure that which ever kind you get, its blades are integral to the goblet. Much easier to clean. We use hours every couple of days. More in the winter. The hit chocolate using Ibarra is to die for.
I think that Starbucks uses Blend tech for its cold, blended drinks.

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