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Best way to keep biscotti fresh?

Freezer or just well wrapped in a cool cupboard?

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kayde04 added almost 2 years ago

Biscotti does not keep for a long amount of time, however an air right container and food service film can extend the life of your biscotti by 2-3 days

a Whole Foods Market Customer added almost 2 years ago

Eat them all. Fast. Especially dipping them in my espresso.

If anyone has trouble with this let me know and I will be too happy to help.

Bill F added almost 2 years ago

Eat it immediately

zahavah added almost 2 years ago

If biscotti get stale, you can crisp them up really quickly by putting them in a toaster oven for a few minutes on about 350F (or a regular oven). Put them right on the rack. Let them cool (they'll still be a bit soft when still hot) and then eat away. I do keep extras either in the freezer or in an airtight jar.

tlc added almost 2 years ago

I make biscotti for Christmas gifts and freeze with great results.

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