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What's the "healthiest" cookie recipe that still takes food.

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hkellyis added over 1 year ago

Darn - I meant "tastes good" not "takes food." Sorry!

IlovePhilly added over 1 year ago

Check out 101 cookbooks Nikki's Healthy Cookie. They are soooo delicious and so easy to make.

hkellyis added over 1 year ago

That's a good one! Anything else?

KatyM added over 1 year ago

I'm always looking for healthy cookies as I'm a health nut with an insatiable sweet tooth. The best I've found are actually no-bake ones that are perfect for chocoholics like me. There is no one recipe I go back to because there are a ton of variations...just do a little Googling... but most involve cocoa powder, a nut butter, oats, maple syrup, etc. you make them in a saucepan and cool them in the fridge. Doesn't get yummier and easier than that!

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