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Ground cherries

I was given a small gift of some ground cherries by another vendor at last week's farmer's market. Has anyone ever used these? I would love some ideas. They have a wonderful bright, sweet flavor.

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Maedl added over 1 year ago

Do you mean regular cherries that have been dried and ground or do you mean physallis? If you are referring to physallis, I have eaten them--they are usually served raw and used to decorate a plate. Where I live they are sold in small containers and usually appear in the winter.

petitbleu added over 1 year ago

They're little golden fruits wrapped in a papery sheath, like a tomatillo but tiny. I was thinking they could be used like fruit, but wanted to fish for ideas before using them.

PhillipBrandon added over 1 year ago

What you're describing are indeed "Physalis" which I know by the name 'cape gooseberry'. They can definitely be used like fruit (they are, after all!) They've got a lot of natural pectin in them which makes them ideal for jams.
I think that bright flavor that you describe pairs well with meats in savory dishes. Especially with a darker flavored meat like lamb.

petitbleu added over 1 year ago

Ah, the elusive cape gooseberry! Yes, I imagine they would make a really fantastic relish of some sort. Thank you!

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