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cleaning cookware

First, I have two tupperware containers that have a musty smell. I've cleaned them numerous times to no avail. I can easily throw them away (and will if I fail at this again), but they're great sizes, so if anyone has ideas, I'm up for one more try. Similarly, I have one of those reusable water bottles that's made from some type of lined metal. It also contains an unpleasant scent that refuses to go away despite multiple cleanings and soakings.

Finally, a cuisinart pot that has tarnished terribly. I tried using easy off, but had no success. It's possible I did not leave it on long enough.

Thanks much!

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the redhead added over 1 year ago

No 1, tupperware, I would use vinegar and let it soak, same thing for your water bottle. Vinegar removes odor.
No. 2. Have you tried Bon Ami, that is my go to for all my pots and pans. Doesn't scratch. Used on the stainless steel on my husband and our salt water fishing boat. Works wonders.

Amitha's Expression of Creativity added over 1 year ago

Baking soda will also work on the pot. Make a paste out of Baking Soda and Water then scrub

a Whole Foods Market Customer added over 1 year ago

For tupperware, spray undiluted bleach over entire container, then rinse container. You could also
place a charcoal briquette in the container. Seal the container. After three days, check the container. If the smell still lingers, fill the container with baking soda. Seal the container. Check the container after a week has passed.
For the water bottle, white vinegar and warm water. soak, then gently scrub and rinse.
For the tarnished pot, I use bar keepers friend then a glass cleaner or metal polish cleaner.

ATG117 added over 1 year ago

Bleach worked wonders, though I think it made one of the lids oddly sticky. I threw that one out. Vinegar worked well too, now I just need a bottle brush. Still working on the pot. Thanks so much all!

nutcakes added over 1 year ago

Try Bar keeper's Friend for the pot.

nutcakes added over 1 year ago

Also you can leave tupperware out in the sun to get stains out.

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