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Uses for shrimp stock?

When I peel raw shrimp I always save the shells for stock. Does anyone have good soup or other recipes that use more shrimp stock than shrimp itself? (Ideas other than risotto would be appreciated). Thanks in advance!

asked by Tarragon over 3 years ago
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I use shrimp stock when I make seafood gumbo or any seafood soup that has shrimp in it.


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Shrimp (or lobster) stock is good for just about any seafood dish that calls for stock. Paella, etouffee, fideua (like with clams and pork).


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I use it to make the stock for Korean soon tofu (or dubu) which is a tofu stew with the main ingredient of soft silken tofu and garnished a little bit of beef, mixed seafood, mushroom, and some shrimp. Adn or subtract the garnishes as you wish. The traditional stock is similar to Japanese dashi, made with anchovies, but I use the shrimp or any other seafood stock.
Here's recipe that I like:

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Great as a part of a finishing sauce for fish. Stock, wine, and butter, some lemon and capers yumm


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I just made some yesterday and tomorrow I will use it to make shrimp and grits - both for the grits and for spicy shrimp and tomatoes!

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I make what we affectionately call, "hot shrimp" with my stock...peel shrimp and drain on paper towels for 15 minutes or pat dry. In a screaming hot pan, drop shrimp into an ungreased pan. shrimp will stick, curl and turn pink. Flip when cooked on bottom. Cook on other side and then quickly remove to a waiting bowl. Add 1 stick of butter to deglaze pan, scraping up all of the browned bits. add 1 c. of a dark beer and 1 T. EACH of cayenne, white pepper, cumin, thyme, rosemary and oregano. Add 2-3 cups of shrimp stock and simmer on low 10-15 minutes. Serve with in bowls with shrimp and a crusty loaf of bread. If you have leftover "soup/stock"...don't store leftover shrimp in seperately, shrimp left in liquid will get mushy.

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Malaysian prawn noodles! Here's a recipe that I like: