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How do I get my cupcakes to rise flat, just like store bought cupcakes. I would like to decorate them but they always rise to a point?

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Tarragon added over 1 year ago

You may just have to carefully slice off the rounded tops with a bread knife.


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added over 1 year ago

If they're rising to a point, it's called "peaking", and it means that they've been over-mixed and the gluten in the flour has been overdeveloped. Mix them just until the dry ingredients are hydrated. If you want the domes flatter, don't over-fill the muffin cups.

SeaJambon added over 1 year ago

Boulangere - That's interesting. Even my GF cupcakes "peak" some -- do you think it is too much leavener? (that's a really hard one to get right in GF baking...)


Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added over 1 year ago

Nozlee's reference to wedding-cake bakers is spot-on. You can reach the same results by reducing your leavening, especially in something as small as a cupcake. Generally, though, overworked proteins produce tougher baked goods, and that is what causes "peaking." So try both: reduce your leavening by about 20% as a starting point, and mix very gently. It's all a science experiment!

nzle added over 1 year ago
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You also might try a trick that wedding cake bakers use: bake your cupcakes at a much lower temperature -- 300 or 325 -- and for slightly longer (you'll have to check them frequently to make sure they don't overbake). The high temperature of the oven is what causes the leaveners to rise up, so making them react more slowly causes less doming.

KatyM added over 1 year ago

Agreed with all above, but I particularly second the overmixing warning. Tons of baking recipes urge you to mix "until just combined". That's hard for a perfectionist like me, but prettier batter doesn't necessarily mean prettier cupcakes--and the recipe directs with reason!

creamtea added over 1 year ago

agree with that, KatyM. I also find my cakes have a more tender texture when mixed "until just combined".

pickledpossum added over 1 year ago

Thanks for all your suggestions. I will trial the cupcakes this weekend making sure i dont overmix amd cook on low temp and i'll also half fill some to see if that helps too. Thanks and let you know how I go.

Maedl added over 1 year ago

"Joy of Cooking" has a section on cupcakes with drawings that illustrate baking problems. Each drawing includes an explanation of what caused the problem. Sorry I can't cite edition or page, but I am not at home and don't have the book available.

BettyCrockerxoxo added 11 months ago

you will just have to cut off the top if your not good at peaking. Peaking is a thing were the mixture has been over mixed i suggest you just mix the mixture for 1 minute only.
Good Luck Love Betty Crocker hope you get successful.

BettyCrockerxoxo added 11 months ago

I have a suggestion on the glace icing get some on the spoon then put it on BUT DO NOT LET THE SPOON TOUCH THE CAKE then just do circular motions. If you let the spoon touch the cake it will crush.

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