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On a flight the other day, found an interesting recipe for a Thanksgiving cocktail in the Soutwest air magazine. You make a syrup with apple cider and spices and mix in ginger ale and bourbon. The recipe calls for a high end reserve bourbon. Husband says go cheap as it will not matter. Would love any opinions. thanks.

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Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added over 3 years ago

I would go high end - cheap = thumping headache for one thing, plus in bourbon it really does make a difference, and it's the holidays and you are worth it! I am partial to Makers mark myself ...


hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added over 3 years ago

I agree, get good bourbon. Would you mind posting the recipe. It sounds yummy, and perfect for Thanksgiving.

TiggyBee added over 3 years ago

I'm in complete agreement. Some things you just can't scrimp on!!


hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added over 3 years ago

I found the recipe. It looks delicious! http://www.spiritmag.com...

healthierkitchen added over 3 years ago

Was just about to post the link, yo beat me to it hardlikearmour! I have my cider all ready to make the syrup. thanks for the advice all

Savorykitchen added over 3 years ago

Echoing the high-end comments. Another option, cheaper and very good: Use a high-proof (100 proof) rye like Rittenhouse. Not as hip as reserve bourbon so much cheaper, a bottle of Rittenhouse rye should stay under $20.

adashofbitters added over 3 years ago

Love the idea of Rittenhouse, but it's been unavailable again for the past several months and may be hard to find. If you can't find it, and Old Overholt is available, it should sub well enough.

Woodford Reserve, which the recipe calls for, is an excellent bourbon and well-sippable on its own, if you're into that kind of thing. And Ben Barker's reasoning for preferring the Woodford in this drink seems sound. Often, cocktails are crafted around a particular spirit, and using a substitute really does change the character of the drink.

If you *are* inclined to go with cheap bourbon, look for Evan Williams Black label. It's surprisingly good for the price you'll pay, it mixes well in cocktails, and it won't screw you up like, oh, Jim Beam might.

Jon Palmer added over 3 years ago

If you're looking for a good bourbon that usually is pretty cheap, Bulleit is a good option. It tastes just as good as $35 bourbon in my opinion, but I can find it in a lot of places for about $23.

usuba dashi added over 3 years ago

All the years that I have cooked, I have found in most cases that the finer quality alcohols have such a subtle, refined taste, that they do not have much to add to the recipe. Believe it or not, cheaper stuff has a more pronounced flavour and gives you the results you are looking for when cooking. I would go for the cheaper.

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