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A question about a recipe: Mom's Blueberry-Coconut Muffins

I have a question about the ingredient "fresh blueberries" on the recipe "Mom's Blueberry-Coconut Muffins" from Rhonda35. berries, fresh, frozen

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Monita is a recipe tester for Food52 and a trusted source on General Cooking.

added over 1 year ago

Frozen blueberries work fine but allow them to defrost and get a cup measure once they've defrosted. Also make sure you don't have too much excess liquid from the defrosting

Rhonda35 added over 1 year ago

Yes, frozen blueberries work just fine. Follow Monita's advise; her suggestions are exactly what I do when using frozen berries. Bon appetit!

ChefOno added over 1 year ago

If you can find IQF berries (sold in a bag and roll around like marbles), you don't need to defrost them. Even when blueberries are in season, I often freeze them before adding them to baked goods. They don't break open or bleed that way and they quickly thaw while cooking.

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