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any suggestions for ways to keep my pancakes from sticking to the pan?

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TedSki added over 3 years ago

Rub the griddle with a bit of salt just before pouring the batter. Salt in a cheesecloth is a good way to do it.

laura_1124 added over 3 years ago

Non-stick spray, obviously. But a little neutral-flavored oil put on with a paper towel will also work.

Seph added over 3 years ago


betteirene added over 3 years ago

Butter or oil in the batter, a skillet hot enough to make a drop of water dance across it (more medium than hot), a swish with an oiled paper towel and not trying to flip the pancake too soon: A pancake will pull itself away from the pan when it's ready and golden.

Kitchen Butterfly added over 3 years ago

Heat the pan first then when hot, gently brush on some oil/melted butter


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added over 3 years ago

yes, butter.

TrialandError added over 3 years ago

rub a little oil over the pan with kitchen towel. Also, don't fiddle with the pancakes too much, when they are done on one side they should easily lift away from the pan.

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