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One of my splurges for the coming year will be a serious deli style slicer; hopefully something just smaller than a Fiat Cinquecento. Any recs? I do have access to restaurant suppy. I want to be able to crank out paper thin prosciutto but also house made pastrami. No plastic parts, just pure machine...

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JustSomeCook added about 1 year ago

Global and Hobart are two bomb proof manufacturers. Unfortunately smaller slicers don't do as good of a job as larger ones.

ChefOno added about 1 year ago

I've been curious as to which one you ended up with.


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added about 1 year ago

I finally went with the Chef's Choice Professional 662. I looked at some cool European models with substantial price reductions but I was a bit worried about warranties and repairs. I came in under $500 and it is a big hunk of machine.

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