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I am looking for a wonderful peanut sauce to use as a dressing on a salad....any suggestions?

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added about 1 year ago

I really like a peanut satay sauce by the "Barefoot Contessa." It might be a little thick for a salad but I'm sure you could thin it out to your liking

mjdelcas added about 1 year ago

Made this one this weekend. It was stellar, with a salad of zucchini, carrots and other veggies:
Ingredients for Peanut Lime DressingThis dressing will keep for up to a week in the fridge. It is so very good here, but would make an excellent veggie dip or drizzled over regular noodles.

Got it from a

mjdelcas added about 1 year ago

Sorry, Copy and pasting issues above, but the link works!

wietje added about 1 year ago

Experiment with these ingredients. You just need peanut butter, something sour (tamarind/lime/lemon juice), brown sugar, something hot (sriracha/chili paste/sambal oeleg), salt, and a little bit of water to thin out--all to your taste.

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