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Acceptable substitute for oyster sauce?

I am allergic to oysters and don't want to risk it but I also don't want to compromise flavor in my Asian dishes that call for it.

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clementinebakes added about 1 year ago

Are you allergic to fish? If not, you could try subbing fish sauce if you're sure it's not contaminated with oysters.

Demington added about 1 year ago

I do not think there are oysters in oyster sauce. Worcestershire sauce is a good substitute, but try reading the list of ingredients on the oyster sauce bottle.

HalfPint added about 1 year ago

Oyster sauce does indeed have oysters in it, at least in the extact form. Also there might be scallops. Worcestershire sauce is not a good substitute because it does not taste anything like oyster sauce. I know that you can get a vegetarian "oyster" sauce made with mushrooms. Hopefully the poster is not allergic to mushrooms. One other thing I would suggest as a substitute is dark soy sauce. You would not need as much, but the flavor is closer than Worcestershire or fish sauce.

Elizabeth Rex added about 1 year ago

Oyster sauce is thick, which fish sauce is not. And Worcestershire is too piquant. Maybe a more reasonable facsimile would be to mix a bit of hoisin and dark soy sauce, since the soy would temper hoisin's sweetness but also impart umami while not compromising its thickness too much. Though it really depends on what you're trying to cook (stir-fried vegetable vs braise).

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