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need recipe for egg free matzo balls

I need a recipe for egg free matzo balls. They do not need to be vegan/or veg, I just need to replace the function of the egg. I've tried using egg replacer, which was not a hit and not delicious. I want to boil them.

Anything tried and true?

asked by Joree over 1 year ago
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Kristen Miglore

Kristen is the Executive Editor of Food52

added over 1 year ago

Great question -- this tutorial looks helpful but uses egg replacer, so probably not what you're looking for: http://bonzaiaphrodite...

Since you don't need it to be vegetarian, I'd be inclined to up the schmaltz factor -- but I've never tried this, so I don't know if schmaltz alone would hold them together.

added over 1 year ago

Consider yogurt to replace the egg.

added over 1 year ago

Google turned up the post below, which also links to an article where mashed potatoes are used in pace of egg.

added over 1 year ago

interesting! will have to try the potato--I will use chicken fat instead of vegetable oil. thank you!