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Oh boy... kitchen snafu here - I just sifted baking POWDER into my Irish Soda Bread mix - is there any salvaging this mix???

Any recommendations out there? Scrape off as much sifted powder as I can? Add double soda? Trash it? : ( Any ideas at all??? Thank you people!!

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Bill F added about 1 year ago

Double the sofa and you should be fine. But yes also try to get the powder out if you can. Probably a moot point

Bill F added about 1 year ago

Soda not sofa. Lol sorry about that


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added about 1 year ago

Don't sweat it! I've seen several recipes lately that use both (and it seems like a great idea, as it gives the bread a bit more lift). The soda gives it a distinctive taste; I'd just add 1/2 teaspoon or so. How much baking powder did you add? ;o)

ameulensteen added about 1 year ago

Either work in the mix. Some recipes say powder, some say soda. It should taste the same.

corcooks44 added about 1 year ago

Thank you EVERYONE... good husband came up with a workable idea - put all ingredients into ziploc, mark measures, use for pancakes... but I have to say, I value all your answers which just reinforce my mindset - the food52 community rocks and all the ideas are different, enlightening and confidence boosting.

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