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Celebrating in Pittsburgh....

I’m planning a celebratory dinner in Pittsburgh in May. I’ve been to several restaurants there, but mostly casual. Would like to find someplace that feels more special, without being stodgy/too formal. The dinner is for recent college grads – all sophisticated/adventurous eaters, so it can be creative or classic cuisine or anything in between. In short, not a burger or pizza joint, but not where you’d celebrate your granny's 80th birthday either. Any recommendations?

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amysarah added about 1 year ago

No idea why, but all the dashes and apostrophes in my question appear as A with some kind of accent above....won't let me edit either. Odd.


Michael is a developer at Food52.

added about 1 year ago

Here are my favorites: Cure, Legume Bistro, Salt of the Earth, Union Pig & Chicken, Spoon, Meat & Potatoes.

Bar Marco just made some exciting changes in their kitchen and might be worth checking out (haven't been since the changes). Notion just reopened, but might be fancier than you want.

cristinasciarra added about 1 year ago

Eater just released a list of "Where to Eat Right Now" in Pittsburgh; maybe you'll find something you like! http://eater.com/archives...

amysarah added about 1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestions and the link - exactly what I needed! Looks like there are a lot of good places to consider.

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