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A question about a recipe: Ginger Miso Salad

I have a question about the recipe "Ginger Miso Salad" from TheSkinnyGoose. In this salad, are we using Asian sesame oil (ie. toasted) or plain untoasted sesame oil

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Sadassa_Ulna added 12 months ago

I hope you get a definitive answer, but in the meantime I "vote" for toasted.

paseo added 12 months ago

With ginger and miso I would agree with Sadassa Ulna

amysarah added 12 months ago

Since it's an Asian inflected recipe, I'd definitely use Asian (toasted) sesame oil. Very distinctive/characteristic flavor. I haven't made this exact recipe, but have made similar ones and what strikes me is that the proportion of sesame oil to other dressing ingredients seems kind of high. Sesame oil is typically used somewhat sparingly, almost more of a seasoning than an oil 'base,' as its intensity can easily overwhelm a dish's other flavors notes (i.e., a more neutral oil is used, with a bit of sesame oil for flavor.) My instinct would be to maybe use 2T of a more neutral oil & 1T of toasted sesame, but again maybe it works here.

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