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Branston Pickle

Does anyone have a tested recipe for Branston Pickle? I want to make it for a British friend who loves it. I can google recipes, but it would be great if someone has a recipe they've tested and would recommend. Thanks.

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ChezHenry added 12 months ago

Branston Pickle is a brand name for a peculiar tasting and very strong pickled product, chutney-like, and used as a condiment for sandwiches or in any manner a chutney ould be deployed. Id liken it to Heinz ketchup, Guldens mustard or anything that based on your long time tastes, cant really be replicated-even though you can easily make ketchup or mustard. The pungency and marriage of flavors wont match up to the manufactured product, nor will the experience. Find a British gourmet store and buy some! (Besides unless you grew up with the stuff, its not. recipe you need in your repertoire!)

jmburns added 12 months ago

Branston Pickle can be found in some supermarkets. We get it here locally at our HEB store. Try a "British Market" or even a website.

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