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A question about a recipe: Rum Raisin Rice Pudding


I have a question about the recipe "Rum Raisin Rice Pudding" from Lizthechef. Can white rum be used in this recipe? If so, would the measurements be the same?

asked by Nakita over 2 years ago
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Pegeen is a trusted home cook.

added over 2 years ago

I think this is the recipe you're referring to:

Yes, you can use light (white) rum - use the same amount. The dish will have a slightly lighter color and taste but it will be fine. Bon appetit.

added over 2 years ago

I would add that not all white rums are created equal. Those in the Puerto Rican style (including those from the USVI) are designed to be nearly flavorless. Others, specifically pot-stilled versions, are quite the opposite. Examples of the latter: Jamaican Myers's Platinum, Hawaiian Sammy's Beach Bar.