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I received today as a gift a whole bag of Egyptian hibiscus. Suggestions?

asked by cheese1227 over 4 years ago
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Amanda Hesser

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Make it into a kambucha!

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Take a bunch of it and heat it in a simple syrup (sugar/water) in a pan. Let it cool, strain it, and then use it in cocktails or toss with fresh fruit and mint for a simple dessert.


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Like the ones they sell at Trader Joe's?

I would play around with strawberry-hibiscus or cranberry-hibiscus scones. Or jam, simple syrup, tea, ice cream, cake, cocktails.

Merrill wrote about the hibiscus in syrup last summer, and includes a nice margarita recipe: http://tmagazine.blogs...

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Karkaday (as the hibiscus infusion is called in Egyptian Arabic) is a very popular drink in Egypt, with or without sugar, served both hot and cold.