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Help. I'm serving Thomas Keller's Savory Leek Bread Pudding (eggs, heavy cream, milk, etc.) tomorrow. Can I assemble it, refrigerate it over night and then bake it tomorrow? Or should I bake it today and reheat tomorrow? Thanks.

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innoabrd added over 3 years ago

I'd bake and reheat, given those two choices. However, I find deserts like that I can toss together just before I serve dinner and let it cook while we eat.

chefdaniel added over 3 years ago

Bread puddings are, to me personally, better when cooked one day then reheated the next. This allows the flavors to enhance. I am concerned that assembling and then refrigerating will make it very soggy. Hope it works out as I know the recipe and it does sound good.

Kugelwhack added over 3 years ago

Thank you! You've been very helpful.

phyllis added over 3 years ago

I have cooked this recipe and reheated the leftovers the next day. Worked fine. Don't leave it soaking; it WILL be too soggy. Enjoy!!!

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