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How does one get the raw garlic smell of your hands?

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HalfPint added 7 months ago
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rub your hands on something made of stainless steel.


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added 7 months ago

HalfPint is right. Use something like a large stainless steel spoon. But why do you want to get the garlic smell off anyway?

Kukla added 7 months ago

Does this method also help for getting of fish smell?

Exbruxelles added 7 months ago

Yes, HalfPint is right: Stainless steel under cold running water.

QueenSashy added 7 months ago

Ha, I never tried that... One learns something new every day. I usually rub my hands with vinegar or lemon juice...

HalfPint added 7 months ago

@Kukla, apparently the stainless steel will help with the fish odor too.

Melusine added 7 months ago

Scrubbing your hands with salt works really well -- I've had better luck with that than with stainless steel.

Lemongrass&Lime added 7 months ago

The stainless steel trick works for me. Some keep a bar of stainless steel 'soap' for just this purpose. I use my stainless steel garlic crusher once I've rinsed it off.

JohnZ added 7 months ago

Some may find it unsavory, but my secret to never having garlicky-smelling hands is to simply not wash my hands before handling the garlic. When you wash your hands you wash away your skin's natural oils. The same oils that prevent other oils and compounds from penetrating your skin. So, just don't wash your hands before you do anything with garlic. Simple.

And actually, the same goes for handling hot peppers. As many seasoned cooks have (tragically) found out, if you wash your hands before handling hot peppers, there's a good chance your hands will burn for a few hours afterward.

Renee B added 7 months ago

I cook with lots of garlic so was thrilled to learn that rubbing your hands on stainless steel eliminates the odors. I saw the stainless 'soap' bars but was not willing to spend either the money or the counter space. I simply rub my hands on the stainless kitchen sink. It works!

Bethany Saltman added 7 months ago

I know this is not very sensually pleasing, but garlic and onion juices really irritate my skin and eyes, so I actually wear non-latex gloves and chop away!

tina added 6 months ago

Wash hands with soap and then grab the faucet with your hands and just quickly rub palms and fingers on the chrome. That's it! Try it - it really works!!!

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