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Urgent! How to preserve jujubes in alcohol-, is raw ok, suggested alcohol?

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hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added 7 months ago

There's a recipe for "confiture de vieux garçon" aka rumtopf in Diana Henry's salt sugar smoke and I suspect it would work for jujubes. Gist of the recipe is to wash and gently dry the fruit, remove pits, spread a layer on a large sheet try and sprinkle with sugar (half the weight of the fruit's worth), toss, let sit for about an hour. Transfer to a large jar, and cover completely with alcohol (she recommends rum, kirsch, or brandy). Put a saucer on the fruit to keep it submerged and cover the whole assembly with plastic wrap then a lid. Store in a cool dry place and let sit for at least a month. You can add additional fruit (treated the same way) along the way, just don't stir & add extra alcohol as needed to keep everything submerged.

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