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I have tons of leftover smoked salmon from a brunch on Sunday. Dinner entree ideas?

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ChezHenry added 6 months ago
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Smoked Salmon makes a great pasta sauce. A standard pink sauce (marinara with some cream added) tossed with sauteed mushrooms, peas, and shredded smoked salmon at the end. I use a good dose of parmigiano reggiano, even though some say its heresy to use cheese with fish, but the smokeyness of the salmon seems to call for it. Farfalle, fusilli or penne would be my pasta choice.

TobiT added 6 months ago

This won't use a ton, but you could make a savory bread pudding with smoked salmon. Once I made mini savory bread puddings in muffin tins (kind if like how some people do with their thanksgiving stuffing) and froze them. So you could use a lot of smoked salmon by making a lot of bread puddings, freezing, and then using them at future brunches.

healthierkitchen added 6 months ago

if it wasn't already frozen, you could freeze some too

amysarah added 6 months ago

If it's good smoked salmon, I'm in the less is more camp. Drape it over a salad with a lemony vinaigrette; have it with drinks, on black bread (or blini, if you feel like working!) and a little creme fraiche & capers/chopped red onion...

For a simple pasta, you can saute some minced shallots, deglaze with a little white wine, then add cream and reduce until slightly thickened, s & p (go light - the salmon is salty) and toss it with hot pasta (farfalle, fusilli, etc.) At the last minute, fold in bite-size pieces of the salmon and some chopped fresh dill too. You want the salmon to just heat thru, not really cook, to retain its texture. A handful of small green peas is nice in there as well.

sexyLAMBCHOPx added 6 months ago


Summer of Eggplant added 6 months ago

I was not aware you could freeze it.

phyllis added 6 months ago

Make a simple frittata and add goat cheese and smoked salmon or a lovely pasta with olive oil, goat cheese, smoked salmon and a pinch or two of hot peppers.

m moriarty added 6 months ago

Montreal pizza. Prepared pizza crust (boboli), goat cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, tomato. Cook as directed (appx 8 minutes) Serve with arugula and capers

cookinginvictoria added 6 months ago

Creamtea's Not-Quite-Nicoise salad is delicious. I'm willing to bet that autumn vegetables in this salad would be pretty tasty.

I also second healthierkitchen's suggestion to freeze it. Smoked salmon freezes well and it's a very nice food item to have on hand for unexpected guests and dinner parties.


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added 6 months ago

Pasta al vodka similar to ChezHenry's pink sauce. I would use fettucine and go light on the tomato pasta. NOT being a heretic, I say NO CHEESE.

jsdunbar added 6 months ago

I love smoked salmon quesedillas!

savorthis added 6 months ago

We make empanadas with some ricotta or cream cheese, lemon and smoked salmon or just stir it into scrambled eggs.

creamtea added 6 months ago

Omelette with smoked salmon, chives and creme fraiche in the middle. The salmon goes in at the very end right before you fold. Or roll into packets around a fork and freeze in ziplock bags for next time. Or my not-quite nicoise salad :) http://food52.com/recipes... .

Christina Perucci added 6 months ago

Whole wheat linguini, sliced zucchini or asparagus, smoked salmon, leeks, goat cheese, lemon zest.

klrcon added 6 months ago

Risotto! with asparagus or peas or both, finished with lemon zest and some juice, dill if you have it, or tarragon or parsley or scallions or whatever you like, and toss chopped bits of smoked salmon in at the end just to warm it through. Also, this may not be to everyone's taste but smoked salmon actually makes quite a nice, if untraditional, chowder. You can find a recipe here: http://www.epicurious.com...
Good luck!

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