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My job has erratic hours so I am on the go at odd times and need to sandwich (pardon the pun) in dinner for one between appointments. I find myself grabbing whatever is around and not always eating things that are good fpr me I need some suggestions for easy-to-do, healthy dinners I can make for myself. I don't have large blocks of time available to prepare and freeze things all the time, but welcome those suggestions too. Any ideas? Thanks, in advance, all my cooking friends!

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Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

added over 3 years ago

One of my go-to dinners for fall and winter is a baked sweet potato (or microwave it if you're really pressed for time), with a ragu of some kind (hot turkey sausage is one of my favorites). You can make a homemade ragu pretty quickly if you use canned tomatoes -- usually takes me about half an hour, and it's great for freezing.


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When I was single and spent most of my time in the library studying medicine, I used to make a big batch of Stuffed Rebaked Potatoes from Mollie Katzen's Broccoli Forest Cookbook and freeze them. Can be reheated easily and/or frozen. I sometimes made a batch of Lime Baked Chicken Thighs at the same time, ditto. They both travel well, and I would eat both of them cold if I was truly desperate.

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