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Does cream cheese icing work as ginger bread house glue?

How about the lemon and icing sugar one? Or is the egg white royal icing recipe the only one?

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Sadassa_Ulna added 4 months ago
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Not really. Lemon and sugar is little better in that is harden up but the confectioners sugar icing with egg white literally hardens up like glue with can be really helpful if your pieces are not cooperating.

trampledbygeese added 4 months ago

Thanks for that. Do you think using the royal icing as the glue and cream cheese icing as outer decoration might work?

Sadassa_Ulna added 4 months ago

You're welcome (reading back over my post I wish I had an edit option). I don't make cream cheese frosting often but doesn't it start to yellow over time?
It would taste so good with gingerbread. If you are going to "serve" it soon after assembly then I would say go for it, but the nice thing about the boring royal icing is that is indestructable and stays white over a long period of time... I will be curious to hear what others say, good luck!

Adianne added 4 months ago

Royal frosting makes the best "glue".

dymnyno added 4 months ago

Karen Mitchell, author of The Model Bakery Cookbook makes a gorgeous gingerbread house for the window of her St Helena bakery of the same name. She uses Royal Icing as the glue. (and it's a pretty big gingerbread house) Her new book has a pattern and all the necessary recipes.

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