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Has anyone ever used hibiscus powder to color frosting pink? Was it a success or would dusting with the powder be better?

asked by CH-4500 10 months ago
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added 10 months ago

I have! Are you using powdered sugar in the frosting? I found it best to whisk the hibiscus powder into the powdered sugar, then sift it very well over the soft butter/cream cheese/whatever the frosting base is, and beat it. I admit there were some small speckles of darker pink in the frosting; it was still beautiful, though.
In my experience, hibiscus powder can be lumpy and sensitive to moisture, so think the above method would work better than dusting it onto a frosted cake. That could work, too -- but I would be sure to sift it well, and maybe dilute it with some powdered sugar, and serve it soon after dusting. Best wishes!

added 10 months ago

Does the hibiscus powder impart flavor? I'm intrigued.

added 10 months ago

Yes: it's pleasantly tangy, like hibiscus tea. You could add it gradually to keep the flavor and color under control. Beet root powder is another beautiful option, with a little less noticeable of a flavor.

added 10 months ago

Thank you!! Those we exactly the precautions I need to know about!
If butter,sugar, flowers has an excellent cupcake recipe as well, do let me know.