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I want to make Everyday Chocolate Cherry Tarts, but I need to make them mini tarts. Do I need to adjust the recipe/instructions?

This is the recipe for the tarts:
I don't have a normal sized tart pan, only small tartlet pans. How would I adjust the baking time, instructions, etc. Also, can I use King Arthur Bread Flour for these?

asked by Amy 11 months ago
added 11 months ago

Hi Amy,
Bread flour is different from pastry flour, being that it's protein content is much higher. While you could substitute out all-purpose flour (and maybe add a couple tablespoons of cornstarch per scant cup) I wouldn't use bread flour. With regards to time, I'd check the tart shells starting at 7-10 minutes and see if they are close to done - same with the filling. Hope this helps!