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What's the difference between European baking ingredients and American?

asked by ejb414 about 4 years ago
added about 4 years ago

The always informative David Lebovitz has done several blogs comparing American and French baking ingredients, suggesting substitutions or how they differ. Two entries in particular come to mind: 'Ingredients for American Baking in Paris' compares French/American flours, dairy products, etc. (http://www.davidlebovitz...) and 'French Sugars' is especially helpful, I found. (http://www.davidlebovitz...). He no doubt has other entries about this subject, so I'd scan his website - it's a really terrific one in any case.

added about 4 years ago

There are many differences! e.g. plain flour = all purpose. I've recently moved to London and have had a hard time finding regular semi-sweet chocolate chips in the supermarkets (Waitrose does have chocolate "chunks" but doesn't work as well. (Also, unsweetened baker's chocolate is hard to find..)
Happy baking!