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Looking for recipe/serving suggestions for leftover adobo chicken breasts. I broiled up extra yesterday, now don't know how to serve it today.

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Fantastic Mr Fox added over 3 years ago

- Shred it and serve in buns shredded-BBQ style.
- dice it up and make it into a composed salad of some sort
- slice it up and stir fry it with some peppers and onions
- slice it and serve it as a wrap (in a tortilla) with some veggies

jenmmcd added over 3 years ago

Add to some sauteed onions and serve in soft corn tortillas for soft tacos. Top with a bit of cheese, bit of avocado, and a tomatillo sauce.

Bevi added over 3 years ago

Incorporate into a Southwestern Caesar salad - add black beans and maybe some julienned jicama.

Jon Palmer added over 3 years ago

I'd shred it up and make some arroz con pollo. Cook up some rice with a base of onions, green bell peppers, spices that jive with the adobo, and the chicken.


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added over 3 years ago

Enchiladas. Corn tortillas and store bought enchilada sauce will be fine. Finish with chopped green onions, cilantro (if you are not cilantrophobic) and maybe some Mexican style crema.

bella s.f. added over 3 years ago

We love making tacos with leftover meats. A tortilla soup would be good also. Chicken broth, corn, onions, tomatoes, really any veggies that you like. I wouldn't add the chicken till the end, though. Since it is already cooked, it could dry out. Instead of frying strips of tortillas, for the soup, I like to buy tortilla chip-strips. You can find really good ones that are not full of fat/oil. You could also make quesadillas. Let us know what you decide.

sunnyluz added over 3 years ago

Thanks, everyone. I wanted to find something that used what I already had in the house, so I made Jamie Oliver's Minty Peas (from Dinner: A Love Story), and put that over pasta with the chicken. Yummy. I'll come back to these great suggestions, though.

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