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I slow roasted a pork shoulder in hoison and ginger a few days ago, and served it with rice and some pickled carrot and daikon. It was great the next day. Ok the day after that. Can't eat it the same way again. I have 2 lbs of it left.

How else can I serve this up to make it interesting?

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puresugar added over 3 years ago

How about freezing it for later? Or would the texture suffer?

relentless added over 3 years ago

2 lbs of the uncooked shoulder or 2 lbs of the finished product left?

reidpeifer added over 3 years ago

2lbs of the the hoison pork left. I'm thinking it will probably freeze ok, but I tend to forget about stuff in my chest freezer...


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added over 3 years ago

It will freeze just fine, but will best be used after thawing as a component of a dish, and not on its own. I wouldn't shred though before freezing, as the texture will be better once thawed. Just last night I put a piece of braised pork shoulder into the freezer, which I will save to use for another pleasant evening of thirschfeld's Shredded Pork Lo Mein with Chinese Celery, one of the best recipes on this site. (I cooked the pork shoulder on Friday evening just for this recipe, which I prepared last night, and for the leftovers . . . the rest of the frozen leftovers will flavor a bean dish in a few weeks.) Here is a link to the Lo Mein recipe, which I've made 8 or 10 times (or perhaps more often) since discovering it last summer: http://www.food52.com/recipes... . ;o)

reidpeifer added over 3 years ago

that sounds brilliant! I'm off to buy some egg noodles!

relentless added over 3 years ago

Wrap it tight and freeze it, should be ok for a bit. Otherwise you can shred it and fold it into stir-fried rice or noodles. Tacos, sandwiches...the world is your oyster. Pork rules!

Kayb added over 3 years ago

Saute some shredded cabbage, mix it in with the pork, and make egg rolls!

Steve2 in LA added over 3 years ago

Sounds like the base of a Hoisin Pork Taco! Try the pork in a warmed corn tortilla with some cilantro, sliced radish, peanut-slaw or kimchi and cilantro. Top with pickled jalapenos and crema. You'll thank me later.

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