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What's the best bread for cheese fondue? Does it need to be dried out?

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added about 3 years ago

I like fresh baguettes, as it's easy to cut them up, making sure each piece has plenty of crust. But in the fondue contest, I noticed that a lot of cooks like country loaves and other more hearty choices.

ChefDaddy added about 3 years ago

Although I do agree with Greenstuff on baguettes, I have come to love a nice rustic sourdough round which is just convenient for me. The sourdough bakery is close, very close.

ChefDaddy added about 3 years ago

It's no for me on the dried out part too!

SpecialSka added about 3 years ago

Thanks! Looks like crust is king here--totally agree.

nutcakes added about 3 years ago

No on dried out bread for me too! But I have been served a fondue with an assortment of breads, and a whole wheat walnut bread was excellent.

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