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@Foodpickle I need to use up a Camembert, any quick easy tips!?

asked by @mariodc over 3 years ago
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i think it would be delicious with this award-winning recipe (which is a superstar!):


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Trim off the rind, cut it up, and stir into a nice pot of potato soup.

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This is quick, easy and delicious!

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Sorry, meant to do this, but the other link is to all Camembert recipes on food52:


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Start beating eggs, like right now. This minute. Fold it into an omelet but don't delay. Once you've opened it the game is almost over.


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I had the best Camembert and Peach-Ginger Jam grilled cheese on sour dough bread last week from the Caseus Cheese Truck in New Haven. I would make that! Brush bread with lots of softened butter and grill till golden and cheese is melty.

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Fit it into an oven-proof bowl or ramekin. Sprinkle some dry white wine or dry vermouth over it...or not. Bake it in the oven until the inside is all melty. Meanwhile, boil some potatoes, steam some broccoli, and any other veggie that goes well with melted Camembert. When the cheese is melted through, carefully remove the top rind, and dunk away. If it's in one of the wooden round containers, remove the paper or cloth, and put the whole thing in a dish. Nice presentation when it's done.

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I usually make Jaques Pepin's frommage fort with my cheese pieces. It is always devoured and the addition of a stronger cheese always makes it better. http://www.foodandwine...

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Stir into tomato soup - luscious.