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I was planning on cooking a friend's beef brisket using this recipe only to discover the brisket they bought is actually corned beef brisket. Will following the recipe with a corned beef still yield a good meal, or should I find another recipe?

asked by orionis over 5 years ago
added over 5 years ago

Corned beef is cured, and in some instances, the cure is already spiced fairly heavily with pickling spice. It's usually prepared as a braised dinner in water or a light broth, with potatos, carrots and onions. I don't think I'd try it in mole sauce.

Once you get it cooked, the leftovers make MARVELOUS sandwiches and corned beef hash!

added over 5 years ago

I've got to back Kayb here. Mole and corned beef would be a very strang combo.

added over 5 years ago

Sometimes the corned beef comes with a little extra packet of spices, but even if you don't use the packet and even if you soak the brisket overnight in three changes of water, it's still going to taste like corned beef. There's no law that says you can make corned beef and cabbage only on St. Patrick's Day, and it actually tastes better in the fall with the fresh harvest of carrots, potatoes and cabbages.

If you're set on the mole, the recipe will work with a nice hunk of chuck.