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A question about a recipe: Sicilian Orange (with only a little Lemon) Raspberry Cake


This cake is making my mouth water.....will make this for the cafe I bake for. Two questions though:
1: You say add the raspberries w/the citrus to the processor, then again add the raspberries....perhaps this is a redundancy?
2: Are the chopped off bits of citrus rind going in the processor? You say remove the seeds and add the fruit chunks w/sugar....I'm assuming the rind goes in also?
Thanks for the clarifications:-)

asked by food grrrl about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

Thanks food grrrl,

1. Raspberry additions twice - redundant indeed and I've updated the recipe.
2. Yes, the rind goes in as well - I got the idea from this recipe with strawberries and whole lemons (but I removed some of the pith!) to balance the flavours and keep it from being too bitter!

Thank you for trying the recipe. I hope you like it.

added about 4 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply KB.....will let you know how it turns out (and if it's a hit). Enjoy the weekend:-)