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My cooking skills have been challenged at a work potluck. Any recommendations for a dish?

Should be small servings for about 18 people, anything goes (salad, dessert, main course, appetizer, etc)

asked by RTigger over 4 years ago
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I would go to contests - BOOK 2 - and cruise the categories - tons of great stuff out there!

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It's not really "cooking" so much as "throw it in a crock pot and walk away"...but Cocktail Sausages in Grape Jelly Chili Sauce is always a hit at the potlucks I go to. is just one of the recipes you can find online.

Cupcakes are an easy thing for potluck. Mountain Dew Cupcakes rock. There are probably dozens of variations of the recipe out there.

If you want a quick cookie, Black Pepper Butter cookies. You cannot go wrong with these. I use this recipe

Good luck!


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How about:

Perfect portions and served at room temperature.

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aargersi has a great recommendation. My questions would be what do you want to make, do you heat or cook there or carry it, what is the group like and their preferences?

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By the way, this question has been asked several times and I have the links below. There were some awesome ideas. And Amanda and Merrill wrote an article for NY Times