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I'm on a quest for Mont St. Benoit cheese. About 30 years ago, I worked a stint at Hickory farms of all places, and they sold it. It quickly became my all-time favorite cheese. From what I remember, it's made by monks in a monastery in Canada. After a google search I found one place that sells it, and they don't ship to the U.S.
Nobody at Hickory Farms remembers it. Has anybody seen or heard of it being sold in the US?

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added over 3 years ago

I'm not holding out much hope for you, but you might check with Murray's Cheese Shop in Manhattan. At the very least they will know.

anyone added over 3 years ago

Murry's is the first place I checked, No dice! I checked some other online resources as well as a local purveyor and came up with nothing. I'm going by Market of Choice in the next few days I plan on checking there becuase I want to try it.

javal added over 3 years ago

Thanks much folks. I realize my fixation with this cheese may sound strange, but it had such a unique taste. A mellow swiss, slightly nutty in flavor, and just so creamy tasting. Hmmm...wonder how I'd make it as a monk? Nah....

anyone added over 3 years ago

Strange? Not at all. Not from perspective. I do this constantly and can't rest until I have found what I'm looking for. Only food related though.

skooj added over 3 years ago

Have you tried Springbank Cheese? Look for the company online.

anyone added over 3 years ago

Springbank does not send to the U.S. As a matter of fact there isn't any Candian cheese purveyors who will due to regs on national security.

Sadassa_Ulna added over 3 years ago

Have you tried contacting the monastery directly? I just checked out the website, http://www.st-benoit-du... and I found the email address for their cheesefactory under the heading of "useful information." Perhaps they sell to some purveyor on this side of the border . . . good luck, and thanks for posting your foodpickle, now I want to go to there!

Sharon Lehr added about 1 year ago

I remember and love that cheese! Yes! I was made in a Canadian Monastery. It was a soft and creamy Gruyere.
I don't know where to buy it, and like you, the people at Hickory Farms dont' know anything. However, if you are willing to try a new cheese, this one is very close. It's a Muenster/Havarti. It's called Yancey's Fancy Bergenost. Give Bergenost a try! My friend, Helen W. used it at Christmas to make a Crab Dip and that was delicious! I use the Bergenost on crackers. I think you'll like it.

LE BEC FIN added about 1 year ago

I'm guessing that cheese comes from St Benoit du Lac, a large monastery just over the border from the Northeast Kingdom in the Northeasternmost corner of VT.(one used to be able to stay there; don't know about now.)My first strategy would be to call the monastery business /dairy office? and ask if they list their vendor accounts/commercial customers by state, and if there are vendors near you.Maybe near you doesn't matter, just a U.S. vendor who you can then call. If that doesn't work,I might suggest phoning some little podunk country stores in Newport VT or Derby VT or Stanstead in CN. and ask for the manager, then ask them if they carry it and if you could pay them to send it to you. just fyi, there are aLOT of people crossing the border there, back and forth, for everything from cheaper gas to box stores, liquor taxes etc. Maybe if you offered $25 or more for their time, someone would be willing to do it. Another thought- nearby North Hatley is a summer resort. Call an innkeeper there and ask if they could help you. I hope something works. Have you tried googling it?(just thinking some B&B website's dining page might mention it.)Do report your results!!

Debra Darcey added 4 months ago

It's funny. I also worked at Hickory Farms and got hung up on Mont St. Benoit. My search led me to Springbank Cheese about 2 years ago, I live in Maryland, I ordered and they shipped to me. Absolutely no problem. I ordered the whole 10 lb. wheel and the Canadian Chedder (Black Diamond) wheel about 1 to 1-1/2 pounds in a box and made up baskets for christmas presents. I think you should try again. I plan on ordering again this year.

dymnyno added 4 months ago

Dean and DeLucca may carry it.

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