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What ingredients do you use to make pickles

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mainecook61 added over 2 years ago

You need pickling cucumbers, short, stubby, and a bit prickly in the skin. After that, it depends on the kind of pickle, but you'll surely need pickling salt (no additives) and spices like dill, garlic, mixed pickling spices, etc. Consult a recipe, but do use the right kind of cucumber for best results.

mensaque added over 2 years ago

I second that,just wanted to add some other vegetables you could add to the jar,it gets beautyfull and delicious:cauliflower,baby onions,carrots,brussels sprouts,eggplant,turnip,baby corn,and for flavor:peppercorns...Oh,and on a separate jar (if you don't want the hole thing to go pink):beets!

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