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puree versus diced tomato's

making vegetable soup, by mistake added cn of puree tomato meant to add can of diced, what will that do to soup, what should i do to correct this, change or add...thoughts of taste texture difference?

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JessicaBakes added over 2 years ago

So, there's definitely a textural difference. If you have a fresh tomato on hand, I'd recommend dicing it up and throwing it in. In terms of taste, you are probably going to have a more pervasive tomato taste throughout. With diced tomatoes, you get some juice that permeates the soup; with puree, you're basically adding tomato sauce. So you will have a creamier, less chunky and tomato-ier soup. Overall, I'm sure you're fine

sheredel added over 2 years ago


JessicaBakes added over 2 years ago

Hm, I wouldn't tweak too much since it's still an equal amount of tomatoes. I would make it as usual first, then increase spices as needed to make them show up better against the now-stronger voice of tomato. Also avoid extra acid (i.e. if it calls for vinegar, you may want to decrease). Hope this helps!

wssmom added over 2 years ago

I think you may be on to something!! Like Jessicabakes says, it will turn out fine, just a bit different.

a Whole Foods Market Customer added over 2 years ago

Sounds like tomato vegetable soup now. Maybe add a little cream, a smidge of tarragon and a smidglette of curry powder.

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