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Just thought I'd mention that I'm still not getting any notifications to my earthlink.net account. I'm using a PC + Chrome. :o)

I set up my gmail account as a backup, and it's working. I'd prefer to use my other account, however, for the traffic management (i.e., sorting and routing) capabilities on my desktop. Just FYI. As always, many thanks. ;o)

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asked almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

I'm with you AJ.. I'm still not getting notifications or e -mails re: any threads I've contributed to or comments. I'm on a PC with Firefox. And I'm NOT checking any boxes!!

added almost 3 years ago

Me too, AJ. For now I just use the "what have "you"been up to" log on my profile page to remind me where I've posted and to check for updates. It is good for a couple of days back. PC, IE, Hotmail.

added almost 3 years ago

I've not received any notifications either. I don't want to complain...but also curious about "views". How can my new recipes have comments but no "views"?

added almost 3 years ago

In my world, all of the above issues apply!

added almost 3 years ago

All, we're so sorry that these problems continue to plague you. Both the notification problem and the views error are on the developers' plates right now. I will ask for an update from them today on the progress they are making and I will report back.