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Just heard about 'Korarima' (Ethiopian Cardamom) for the first time ever..anyone know where I could buy some?

Wikipedia is pretty sketchy about the details

asked by Panfusine about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

Ooh, very interesting. I love Ethiopian food, but I've never heard of this spice before.

I found just one source on-line which sells it both whole and ground (as well as ton of other interesting sounding spices):

But the downside is that you have to buy a fairly large quantity (8 ounces or more) which may be more than you want to commit to spice you've never tried before. If you have an Ethiopian restaurant nearby, I recommend stopping in and asking them if they have a source.

added about 4 years ago

Not sure if you're in NYC, but my go-to spice resources here are: Kalustyan's, Sahadi's and Manhattan Fruit Exchange. If you're not here & don't want to order online, I'm happy to check around and see if I can buy & ship some to you. :)

added about 4 years ago

I'll give Kalustyans a go, the next time I'm in NY Thanks so much Ecava

added about 4 years ago

I too feel you can find it out in kalustyans or did u try whole foods.